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  17. I * hereby acknowledge that the above information is correct. I * hereby appoint and authorise the Management and organisers of this event** to act in my place as guardian with full authority and consent to myself undergoing surgical and or other medical treatment. I* undertake to pay the cost of such treatment. I* fully understand and accept that all activities are undertaken at my own risk. I* voluntary assume the risk and am aware that being such type of event**(s) inherent dangers and certain elements of unpredictability can occur, be it concerts, travel, activities or any other aspects. I* agree to indemnify and keep indemnified MiFootprint (Pty) LTD from any claims whatsoever and agree that I* shall not hold MiFootprint (Pty) LTD, it’s owners, staff, management or any other person forming part of this group/event** in any way liable for any personal injuries (fatal or otherwise), mental anguish, or loss of any kind whatsoever or howsoever caused during the event**. And further agree that I* will abide to all instructions issued by the leadership/facilitators/marshal’s or manager(s) of this event. I* also agree to pay for all damages/repairs caused to the event** / items caused by negligence or ignorance. Definitions: I* meaning myself together with my heirs, guardians, executors and administrator, as well as any other person partaking in the event whether individually or as a group. Event** meaning; camp, event, tour, equipment, travelling between venues, and all items required in above mentioned activity. All events & activities offered by this event on or off route if needed from time to time. MiFootprint (Pty) LTD reserves the right to cancel or change any Event**
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