Between the lines of Dude! Where’s my Island:

Few South Africans know, but due to the melting of the ice caps, contradictory to popular belief,
dry places won’t get more water but will become even more dried out, while islands are sinking
all across the globe. Gauteng will become malaria area with scorching temperatures and cancer
through sunburn will rise. What are you doing to combat this, driving a hybrid vehicle or
recycling, every bit helps!!

Between the lines of Lost in Translation:

Very few South Africans are positive about the Soccer World Cup happening in SA or being
a success! We all need to change this belief and show the world that we believe in our country,
people and team to pull this magnificent event of!!

Between the lines of HOST-ile Image:

The Soccer World Cup 2010 Host nation, portrays only an image of violence, hate and hostility.
If we don’t learn to live together and curb crime in SA, the world won’t be here during the
World Cup and they surely won’t want to return!

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